Happy New Year 2013



We finally got some big snow. Back to back storms over a 36 hour period dumped more than a foot of powder each time, and as I spent time with my friend the snowblower, Oliver was out enjoying the winter wonderland. He romps through the snow – even though it is almost deeper than he is tall – and as I clear the sidewalk and driveway, he loves to climb to the top of the piles of snow I make. As you can see, he is getting big quickly. He has another appointment with the vet next week, and my guess is that he will have doubled his weight from our last visit.

A Happy New Year to you and yours. Look at that smile 🙂



12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013

  1. Andrew Thomas

    Happy New Year David! Yes, he’s growing up really fast, but still has that look of joy about him that I’m sure he’ll always have…..its great to see, and share, the obvious love you have for him, looks like its given you a whole new photographic direction.
    All the best to your family, too
    cheers Andrew and Debbie

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Andrew. Yeah, things have certainly changed around here since the arrival of our latest family member. We – the humans – are finally settling into life with a dog, though it seems as though Oliver has had no problem making himself right at home.

  2. I saw this post at work yesterday afternoon and couldn’t help but smile immediately and involuntarily upon seeing Oliver with his big grin!

    Happy New Year, Dave….

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