Anyone for tennis?


12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 4

Looks like Oliver’s up for a game of tennis, right? He’s quite the retriever, and on our recent visit to the Green Acres play yard he was determined to show us how well he could fetch. As long as you make sure he “sees” the tennis ball leaving your hand, he seems happy to chase it down and bring it back every time – until he gets tired of course, which is usually after 4 or 5 throws. Just seeing his little self exuding such happiness and excitement gives us a true sense of joy.

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 6

12-15-12 Oliver at Green Acres 9


22 thoughts on “Anyone for tennis?

    • David Patterson

      Rick… sorry for the bad influence 😉

      On a serious note, I totally understand your not wanting a pet. We’ve only ever had cats, and they pretty much take care of themselves. So when Oliver came into our home we got a rude awakening about what it really means to care for a puppy. It’s a serious amount of work… serious, but worth it.

  1. It’s nice and great fun to follow your new family-member here 😉
    The first photo is GREAT, David – a real winner-shot!
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas – and I wish you and your family (including new members 😉 ) a Happy New Year in 2013.

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