Baby it’s cold outside…



Oliver got to experience snow for the first time today. Here in Maine we woke this morning to a couple of inches of heavy, wet snow, and although we weren’t sure how he’d take to potty breaks outside in the frigid temperatures, we needn’t have worried at all… he loved it! His little nose was buried deep in the snow looking for whatever it is he is always looking for, and he had very little desire to come back into the warm house after doing his business.


He’s a funny little thing… he plays hard, very hard… for short periods of time, and then he crashes and sleeps incredibly soundly. When he’s ready to go outside again he’ll hop up and walk over toward the door… good boy. When sitting and working at my desk, Oliver will curl up at my shoeless feet and the two of us will provide each other with some warm, cozy lovings. He looks so peaceful, I sometimes feel as though I have to check to make sure he’s still breathing! So far, the wool blanket you can see here is one that he doesn’t automatically start chewing on, so it has officially become Oliver’s blankie.



21 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside…

    • David Patterson

      We’ll see. Right now he is, because lucky for me I get to spend more time with him, but our pets tend to gravitate toward Lori.

  1. lilybug1960

    David, I am so enjoying reading about Oliver becoming a family member. It brings back such great memories of my 2 Goldens when they were puppies a couple of years ago. Mine are 7 now but still carry on when given an excuse. Great images as well!

  2. Inspired and pretty

    I love reading these stories of your little Oliver. And your photos of him are fantastic !
    The title for this post is perfect, one of my favourite Christmas song 🙂

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