Walking the dog



Walking the dog
just a walking the dog
If you don’t know how to do it
I show you how to walk the dog
C’mon now c’mon

– Rufus Thomas (covered by the Rolling Stones in 1964)

Doesn’t Oliver look handsome with his new red collar? This is actually a “small” collar adjusted to it’s minimum size… and somehow it still looks too big for him! He starts puppy school this week so he needed to have a “flat” collar for training purposes, and the good news is that he didn’t even flinch when I put his shiny new collar on him.

To date we had been using an all-in-one rope collar, but I guess that isn’t the best choice? We liked the ease with which we were able to put the rope collar on, especially considering the number of times he needs to go outside, and although we were always careful not to tug on the leash and tighten it, we were concerned about having him develop negative feelings toward the leash, or worse still, hurting him by tugging too hard. We also had some concerns about him possibly “backing out” of the rope collar, so this new arrangement makes us feel a bit safer.

Next big thing… learning to walk on the leash. Right now he still does the puppy thing where he will trot along, happy as can be, but then he’ll decide he’s had enough of walking, and he plops his backside down and won’t budge for a while. I know he’ll get it eventually, and honestly, we have all the patience in the world for this little guy, but if anyone has any tips to make sure we get this part of the training right, they’d be hugely appreciated.

* Update: I just bought Oliver a new, lighter collar, one that didn’t weigh him down so much. I love that big silver buckle on the collar he’s wearing in this photograph, but it weighed a ton and the poor little guy must have been dog-tired lugging it around! Now he’s wearing the “lite” version of the red collar, so he’s got to be happier and of course, he’s still quite the handsome boy!


10 thoughts on “Walking the dog

    • David Patterson

      Thanks… we literally have people stop their cars as we walk with him (or at least try to walk with him). People just want to say hello to him šŸ™‚

  1. Inspired and pretty

    He’s adorable ! When I was training my sheltie to walk on the leash, I was bringing treats, and when he would be stubborn and stop walking I’d encourage him to walk and give him treats when he’d obey. We were only having small walks and eventually he started loving to go for a walk and the leash didn’t bother him anymore. Alas he’s afraid of cars and I don’t know why ! I never tried to comfort him when he would come to me for protection when he would be afraid of a car, because he would interpret this as it’s ok to be afraid of cars, but he’s always been afraid of them. It takes a little patience but I’m sure that pretty soon he’ll ask you for a walk !

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jocelyn. Oliver does seem to like those little treats, and we’ve been encouraging him with those. I’m proud to announce that he walked all the way around our local park this afternoon. It’s not that far really, but with those short little legs it must have seemed like miles. When two of us take him for a walk he hardly stops at all – other than to smell where other dogs have been – but when it’s just him and one of us, he’s a little bit more reluctant. I know he’ll get it, and I’m sure he’ll soon be the one asking to go.

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