Who photographs their dog in black and white?



I know he’s called a “Golden” Retriever for a reason, but I couldn’t resist tweaking these photographs of Oliver to see how handsome he would be in black and white. Made with an iPhone and then imported into Photoshop where they were given a dose of Nik’s BW Silver Efex, I personally just love the character that shines through from Oliver in these.


Here are a couple more… a cats-eye view of him peering through the pet flap going down to the basement – he’s always curious about where his friend Chester goes after disappearing through the hole, and finally, an Instagrammy of him and Jack. I’m picking my own iPhone up later today, so look out… now there’ll likely be even more pics of Oliver!




14 thoughts on “Who photographs their dog in black and white?

  1. You guys are definitely twitterpated. Gone are the rocks and shoreline. πŸ™‚ I love my collie dog, too, but I am being a little unfaithful. One of my students is training a guide dog, so said dog (black lab) is studying English. She is such a doll; I want her.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Stephany. Jack has done really well with the disruption of having a new dog in the house. He’s getting more and more accustomed to Oliver needing so much attention, and I have no doubt that the two of them will end up as fast friends.

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