Getting to know you…



These two aren’t best friends just yet, but Chester and Oliver are definitely starting to get to know each other. Chester is just over one year old, and as the older step-sibling, he’s remarkably tolerant of Oliver’s puppy antics. Chester isn’t afraid of Oliver one bit, and when the puppy gets a little too rambunctious with his behavior, Chester will put him in his place. They’re both very curious about each other, and they can also be quite jealous of the attention that one or the other is getting. At times Oliver can be found peering through the cat flap looking for Chester, and since we leave the door to Oliver’s crate open during the day, Chester has been found sleeping in there! Here’s hoping that these two continue to develop a positive and friendly relationship!



22 thoughts on “Getting to know you…

    • David Patterson

      Mike… Chester is just over a year old, and yes, he is one BIG cat. I wasn’t kidding when I said that Chester was as big as Oliver… though methinks Oliver is already starting to outgrow him.

        • David Patterson

          He’s already doing that… it’s very funny to watch, though we are a little concerned about Chester’s sharp claws – he’s known to get a little cranky sometimes.

            • David Patterson

              That’s what we figured… right now they’re pretty even in size, but it won’t be long until Oliver has the upper hand. We’re working on “training” Oliver to be calm around Chester, that way maybe they can be good friends forever.

    • David Patterson

      Chester the cat is indeed almost the same size as Oliver, but he can be a lot meaner. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they get along well.

  1. Wow! That was quick. My Marcos (dog) has been here five years and neither of the cats, Marel or Marceau will sleep with him. But t hen they were 2 years old when they met him and he was a mature madman.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love to watch these inter-species relationships grow as they do among household pets…how wonderful for you and your family, David…I can sense your heart smiling with your new little one. 🙂

    • David Patterson

      He’s already getting bigger! We switched foods and he’s eating like a horse! Now he has a fat little belly after eating, along with lots of energy of course.

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