Stormy Acadia sunrise


I dipped back into the archives for this one… a spectacular sunrise from the rocky shoreline of the Loop Road in Acadia National Park – and one that doesn’t include our new puppy Oliver! On this particular morning there was a pretty heavy bank of clouds hanging out over the eastern horizon, but the sun was still able to find a sliver of a gap to poke through and illuminate the landscape. Even though this photograph was made a few years back, I can still remember the thrill I felt from being so close to the edge of the ocean.

13 thoughts on “Stormy Acadia sunrise

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Sara… I’m kind of partial to both the Maine coastline, and presenting it in black and white. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving the kind words.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Truels… yeah. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to go out with the camera in just above freezing temperatures and rainy weather these days!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Kevin. The clouds were moving pretty fast, and the sun was fighting a losing battle to break through. Made for some neat conditions though.

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