Puppy time



Wow… it’s been a whole day since I last posted photographs of the handsome one. So, here he is again, giving those sharp little baby teeth a serious workout. Born on September 24th, he’s already a healthy 10+ weeks old, and although every proud parent probably says the same, our Oliver does seem to be wicked smaht! He’ll “sit” on command, and he’s getting the hang of the whole potty training thing – just as long as we’re paying attention. We’ve signed him up for puppy school starting next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing him interact with the other dogs and learn some good manners. Honestly though, I think maybe the puppy school is going to be more for the benefit of the adults than for Oliver! So far he has met a couple of local friends like Gus the Yellow Lab, Casco the Black Lab, and Sadie the Wheaton Terrier… all of whom were very sweet and tolerant of his puppy antics. Every encounter with another dog brings overwhelming excitement and mayhem, but even as he enthusiastically introduces himself, you can see that Oliver is a kind and gentle little soul.



27 thoughts on “Puppy time

    • David Patterson

      Stephen… we spent some time checking the local shelters to see if we could find a dog we could rescue, but we didn’t find a good fit for our family.

      • That would be a good idea for me some day–to check the shelters. maybe after I retire and can be home with the dog. I can’t see having a dog now since I am gone all day.

        • David Patterson

          We’re quite fortunate that I get to work from home a couple of days per week, and my wife works just around the corner. So when I do have to be away during the day, she can come home and say hello to Oliver. Having said that, he’s doing really well with the crate training, and I think it makes us more sad than him to leave for any length of time!

  1. Inspired and pretty

    He’s WONDERFUL ! Can you believe I keep all your posts of him in my e-mails, I adore looking at his sweet face !

  2. All your pictures of this beauty are wonderful David. Not long after we brought Pumpkin home, when she was 9 weeks old, we put in a doggy door to the back yard. She NEVER had an accident in our home, never chewed on something she should not have, and has been a dream dog.
    Keep ’em coming David.

  3. I love this! My bf has a 13 year old Golden Retriever, and he is the sweetest dog ever. I wish they had gotten photos like this of their dog back then. Savour the memories! So cute – I will be following to see how he grows! I think I’m in love. (:


  4. Another good thing that Oliver has done for you: given you a new subject to photograph and document since it’s so cold outside these days! I never get tired of anyone’s puppy pictures, or adult dog pictures. We love them like family!

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