I can’t resist…



…posting more photographs of Oliver. Today was his first day home alone (Lori visited at lunch time to play, feed and do some potty work), but he and I got in some solid play time in before I had to leave for work this morning. It was raining cats and dogs yesterday (sorry), so rather than getting soaked, we explored what it might be like to spend some play time on our pretty sizeable front porch. The people who lived in the house before us had owned a Newfoundland, and whadya know, it looks like the gate they had installed to enclose the porch will come in very handy. Off his leash and sort-of outside, Oliver really seems to enjoys the fresh air and freedom, and it was nice to see him feel so happy and independent. Here he is right after his energy expending morning outside – back on the warm kitchen floor chilling with his fake bone.




18 thoughts on “I can’t resist…

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight so he’s enjoying his first real experience with snow this morning… he’s funny.

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