When the temperature takes a dip



It has turned cold here in Maine. Today’s high temperature was a far from balmy 24 degrees, and the days have become almost unbearably short. By the end of this weekend we’ll be limited to less than eight hours of daylight, and I for one am looking forward to the upcoming winter solstice when the days will start getting slightly longer again.

When the temperature dips down like it has done lately, I find that it becomes that little bit harder to enjoy time outside. On bitter cold days like today, warm clothing doesn’t seem to do much to stave off the chill, and the icy wind feels as though it is wrenching the energy right from your body.

I feel for our new puppy Oliver as he deals with the frigid air while learning the ropes of potty training. On that note, he’s doing great… what a smart puppy! Neither the cold nor the frequent trips outside seem to bother him, but it does take a toll on his energy level as the day wears on. By the time the evening rolls around, all he wants to do is cuddle and snooze… even more than normal. I’m looking forward to making some photographs of an awake and energetic Oliver… so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here he is… one day older and one day cuter 😉





35 thoughts on “When the temperature takes a dip

    • David Patterson

      This little guy does like to cuddle, and I think this winter we’ll have plenty of opportunity to crank up the fire in the living room. Sounds good.

  1. Skip King

    David, you’re torturing me with these pictures! We lost our last golden almost five years ago, and I said we wouldn’t get another until I retired, but these pictures……..I definitely can’t let my daughter see them! 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Skip… sorry for the loss. This little guy is going to become a big part of our family, so I think I’m already understanding your feeling.

  2. That doggy is adorable!! Its raining here in Singapore and my doggy is just like what you have mentioned. I guess the lightning have screwed up its brains and its pissy every single day. Just getting upset over nothing. I enjoyed reading your post!! Post more often!! 😀

  3. What is it, I wonder, that young animals awaken in us? Just looking at your pictures of Oliver makes me feel warm and wonderful. A neighbour of ours has a new puppy who I met for the first time yesterday, and I’m still bathing in the happiness of that meeting. However cold it is, this winter will be a wonderful one for all of you because of Oliver. More pictures, please.

    • David Patterson

      Disclosure: I’ve never been much of a dog person myself, but this little guy has totally won me over. Can’t seem to get enough of him 🙂

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