Stretching the legs


After celebrating Thanksgiving Day with the extended family in Northampton, Massachusetts, we made the long drive back to Maine this afternoon. The food was better than good, and as always, it was great to have the entire family together. At just over five hours from door to door, this trip isn’t as long as the usual drive to New York, but it’s still a long time to spend in the car. Crossing the Piscataqua River Bridge and into our home state, we decided to take a break from driving and stop off at a pretty little lighthouse along the coast. As we stretched our legs and grabbed some welcome fresh air, the wind was howling and the waves were pounding the shore of Cape Neddick, home to one of the most picturesque of Maine lighthouses.

7 thoughts on “Stretching the legs

  1. David, I love your photography and I love the lighthouses of Maine. I love the picture of young one looking a little chilled by the wind off the water. Thanks for sharing…Kat
    PS I hope your Thanksgiving was great!!!

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