A Ninja in New York


There goes my New York Ninja. Jack adapts to the city easily, and although not on the horizon, Lori and I often talk about how well he would do if we ever decided to live there. Though we were sad to be in the city to pack up Aunt Joan’s apartment after she moved to a Northampton assisted living facility, Lori, Jack and I did enjoy being back in the heart of Chelsea – even if it was just for a long weekend. I’ve always felt that life in the city is dynamic, exciting, and full of energy, and our recent visit, though brief, brought back all sorts of good memories from when Lori and I lived here twenty years ago. Knowing that family ties to the city are becoming more and more tenuous, throughout the weekend we felt a sense of wanting to really absorb as much of this lifestyle as possible. I know we will be able to return to the city whenever we want to, but somehow without the family connection I don’t think it will feel the same. The bond and sense of almost belonging here that we have always enjoyed will be harder to find, so I’m glad we packed so much of the city into one of our “last” visits. New York, New York… so good they named it twice.

12 thoughts on “A Ninja in New York

  1. David,
    I have really enjoyed your images on New York, however, I would never want to live there. Houston is getting to a point it is almost more than I can handle. I would love to live in a place like your Maine.

  2. It’s heartbreaking to read those words, that your connection to a city is fading. I guess because I grew up moving around so much, I developed strong connections to places because of those family members. Now I always feel “at home” when I’m there, family or no family present. I hope you always feel at home in New York – you and the city have a connection nobody else does. And that’s special.

  3. i know exactly what you mean about the vibrant and alive feelingshow dynamic and vibrant the buzz of the city is. It’s infectious. I currently live an hour north of the city so I can go anytime I want. It’s funny how I sense the charged level of energy even as I wait for the Metro North train in Peekskill. Everyone seems to share it – even the commuters,
    I’m not sure if you subconscioulsy inspired me, but if you get a chance take a look at my blog – recognize any of the photos there? I was in Manhattan on Sunday and did some discovering myself.

    • David Patterson

      Looks like you had a good day in the city. There’s lots going on just north of midtown, and I always enjoy time spent from there up to the park.

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