The bridge to Brooklyn


Spanning the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn, this marvel of engineering provides a connection between two famous New York City boroughs. Partly constructed of giant granite blocks quarried off the Maine coast on the island of Vinalhaven, the 1595.5 foot long national historic landmark was completed in 1883. Orginally known as the “New York and Brooklyn Bridge” and also as the “East River Bridge” – this iconic symbol of the urban landscape was officially named “The Brooklyn Bridge” by the city government in 1915. We of course did the touristy thing, and with mid-November temperatures that soared to almost seventy degrees, we enjoyed the stroll from Manhattan all the way across the bridge to the East River State Park in Brooklyn.

As you can imagine, the views were incredible, as was the food we sampled at Smorgasburg, an amazing outdoor “farmer’s market” for foodies located in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Filled with smells and tastes to die for, there were 50+ vendors selling handmade food with origins from all over the world. As we relaxed under the Brooklyn Bridge (with the view above), we chowed on the best Falafel tacos ever, tasty Texas barbeque brisket sandwiches, the creamiest of New York cheesecake, and a gourmet peanut butter and jelly smore that was ridiculously delicious. Yum, yum…

11 thoughts on “The bridge to Brooklyn

  1. hey! i’m a born and bred new Yorker and I’ve never walked across the Brooklyn bridge. but then we are rather territorial, sticking to our boroughs. I grew up in Manhattan. My grandparents lived in Brooklyn, and, as a young child, the subway ride took so long I considered it like a trip to Europe. To this day, reading the word Brooklyn strikes a deep primal sense of exotic.

  2. That is so cooool that you walked the bridge today! I just mentioned yesterday to my sons that next time I go to Brooklyn that I want to walk the bridge. Perhaps we’ll land there over next weekend and the weather will be as good as you had it today! Happy Thanksgiving ~ Argy

    • David Patterson

      Argy… thanks. Here’s hoping thr weather is good for your visit, and that you get to walk the bridge… definitely worth it!

  3. Andrew Thomas

    HI David, really been enjoying your NYC visit….we’ll have to make sure we visit on our next trip over that side of the country. I think your choice of BW is perfect, NY was always (and still is) a black and white city!
    cheers Andrew

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