Two Mainers exploring New York City


New York City is the greatest city on earth. A family obligation recently afforded us the opportunity to spend a couple of nights on the island of Manhattan, and part of my responsibility on this visit – while Lori was working – was to keep the little man entertained. So, what do two Mainers set loose in the big city do? Well, they explore… and as they explore, one of them Instagrams their adventures. In just a couple of days, Jack and I hit up some of the more famous locations… Central Park (and the zoo), Times Square, the Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue, the Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway and 42nd Street, Greenwich Village… and that’s what I’ll be documenting in the next couple of blog posts. Let’s start with Central Park and the Children’s Zoo where we saw some awesome critters (in and outside the zoo). I know it’s weird, but I can’t shake the spooky feeling I get when looking at the first couple of photographs from this post. Makes me think of The Shining… here’s Jack!

14 thoughts on “Two Mainers exploring New York City

  1. The wonderful thing about Central Park is it’s timelessness. Over fifty years ago, my friends and I used to cross the park on our way to the Wollman Skating Rink and any one of us could have been Jack. The surroundings have not changed one bit. We used to shout as we went through that underpass so we could hear our echoes. Everyone did, so you can imagine the noise level.

    • David Patterson

      Lori and I lived in NYC some twenty years ago and I would walk across the park every day both going and coming from work. Now when we visit the city I keep getting drawn to the park. Funny… both Jack and I were testing out the “echo” value of this underpass as we went through 🙂

  2. Inspired and pretty

    I’m so glad to see these photos 🙂 I went to NYC for the first time last summer and fell in love with the big city ! They already have the ice rink ? That’s early !

    • David Patterson

      The rinks in both Bryant Park and Central Park were up and running – both were filled with skaters, even though it was 65 degrees!

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