Sandy kisses Acadia


Causing havoc and heartache to millions of people, Sandy has proven herself to be one of the most devastating storms to ever collide with the east coast of the United States. Here in Maine and in Acadia National Park, we are some 600+ miles from where Sandy came ashore in New Jersey, and although the impact here was much less severe, we still experienced some seriously high surf and heavy rain. I wandered along the Loop Road totally in awe of the power of this distant but huge storm, and here are a few photographs that hopefully provide an insight into the immense strength of Mother Nature’s fury.


29 thoughts on “Sandy kisses Acadia

    • David Patterson

      This was a big one Bill. Just think though… we were on the outside edge of this one. I can’t imagine what it was like in the heart of it.

  1. Andrew Thomas

    David, I was really looking forward to seeing these…I was tempted to jump on a plane and join you. Once again your black and whites are first rate!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Andrew. This storm is hanging around almost long enough for you to make it back here from down under! We’re expecting it to still be impacting the weather for another few days.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Sara. There really wasn’t any color to speak of, though I don’t need any excuse these days to go with the black and white format 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ed. My 5D II isn’t waterproof, but I did use one of those cheap plastic waterproof covers – definitely needed it!

  2. Yeah man! Awesome! You killed it out there yesterday! Love these, perfect for mono and you really caught the feeling of the power of the storm. I feel like I didn’t get anything good- I was craving a 24-70 2.8 “brick” for more reach for the detail of waves on the outcroppings- I kept to my 17-40 for the weather and just feel like I came up a little short. That was one of those times when I appreciated just being there with photography as my excuse to witness the awesomeness. Right then. Nicely done buddy- next time- over and out for now -Nate!

    • David Patterson

      Nate… thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hear you on doing something this immense justice with the camera… and also on just being there to witness it in all its glory. I had the 70-200mm on for most of the time I was there, and that helped me reach out a little bit and focus on the waves and rocks more. The weather was iffy at best giving no color, so black and white seemed the best route to take.

  3. Inspired and pretty

    Big waves makes beautiful photos and these ones are superb.
    Sandy didn’t reach us here in Quebec, we only had rain and cloudy skies for the past week. It must have been so scary in the East coast.
    Looking at your photos you can feel the strength of the storm, and it must be something to hear the strong winds and the waves crashing.

    • David Patterson

      It was incredibly noisy all day here with the waves and the wind, but when you got close to the shore it became deafening.

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