Afternoon de-light ; )


Some say you can’t make a decent photograph outside of the “golden” hours of early morning or late afternoon, and while I enjoy the soft light of the morning as much as the next person, I say that’s not necessarily true. The light around sunrise and sunset can certainly be beautiful, elevating a decent composition to something special, but there are plenty of photographs to be made in the middle of the day.

I really like the textures in these two black and white images of Bass Harbor Light in Acadia National Park. The jagged rocks provide an interesting foreground with lots of lines leading to the lighthouse, the choppy ocean looks alive and full of energy, and the dappled clouds in the sky create a nice backdrop for a classic New England coastal scene.

Like I said… afternoon de-light ; )


15 thoughts on “Afternoon de-light ; )

  1. Beautiful photographs. I agree with you about the textures here and black and white was the perfect choice. I can’t decide which photograph I like better. In the first, the texture of the vast expanse of the sea is great, while in the last the texture of the foreground rock really leads the viewer into the subject of your photo. Very well done with both these photographs, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Skip King

    Two very nice photos. I agree, you don’t always need the “golden hour” light to make a good photograph, as you demonstrated so well here. I like the first best, probably since I’m partial to that orientation, but the second is close behind with the detail in the rocks and the sky. I’m never really happy with my portrait shots of lighthouses. I’ll have to study yours and work on my composition!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Skip. There’s lots to see at this location, and from a compositional standpoint, you can’t really go wrong. Funny… I’m drawn more to portrait oriented images myself!

  3. Andrew Thomas

    Very nice David, you’re black and whites inspire me to experiment more……I’ll have to see if mine from here can compare
    cheers Andrew

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