More love for the black and white photograph



The weather man called for cloudy skies all day. I even checked the radar at 4:15 a.m. right before I left the house… yep, cloudy and dull, cloudy and dull. Boy did he get it wrong this time!

I must have visited and photographed Otter Cliffs and Boulder Beach in Acadia National Park at least 25 times, and although I have been lucky enough on several occasions to get a decent sky, nothing compares the the way the sky lit up on this most recent morning.

Where’s the color you ask? I’m working on it. The sunrise was so colorful and vibrant that I will probably have to tone it down a bit it before I present it. It was that good. Epic.

Here’s a not-so-photographed view of Otter Cliffs from Boulder Beach. I love the rocks and shapes that can be found tucked in against the side of the beach here, and as you look along the cove toward Otter Cliffs, the jagged rocks and classic Maine pine tree shapes absolutely steal the show.


15 thoughts on “More love for the black and white photograph

      • Makes up for the lack of color on trees you experienced! I was driving Rt 3 yesterday enroute to an appointment and the color on the back of Dorr along “the Tarn” was spectacular. It’s very different here (from what I am accustomed to), with colors peaking from location to location at various times.

  1. Skip King

    Very nice David. I’d really like to see a larger size to better see the texture in the rocks. Can’t wait to see the color shot. I understand what you mean about toning it down. Certain sunrises are just so stunning some just can’t accept the photo of it as a real representation of that moment.

    • David Patterson

      I’ve seen my fair of sunrises and sunsets, so I know just how colorful it can be, especially when the light is reflecting off the ocean. This one wasn’t electric… just beautiful, and it seemed to last for ages.

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