Who needs fall colors?


Maine and New England are renowned for the vibrant, colorful display of fall foliage presented annually by Mother Nature around this time. As the days quickly start to get shorter and colder, trees resolutely holding onto their treasure of red, gold, yellow and brown are certainly left vulnerable to any strong storm blowing through. As the seasons transition and the weather takes a turn for the worse, the spectacular display of color signals the beginning of preparations for what is customarily a long, dark winter. Mine was an overdue visit to Acadia today, and I have to admit I was rather disappointed to discover that the fall foliage colors weren’t all that impressive… methinks I missed the peak by a few days this year.

This is looking across Jordan Pond toward the Bubbles on a cloudy and blustery – but very mild – morning. I’m fond of this view across the pond, and I always enjoy scouting the shoreline looking for interesting rocks to include in the foreground. I added a 6 stop neutral density filter to my camera for this one… I was hoping to render the relatively choppy water more smoothly, and I was also hoping to be able to extend the length of the exposure to allow for the fast-moving clouds to streak across the sky.Β At 11 seconds, the exposure didn’t quite have the impact on the clouds that I was hoping for, but I did like how the scene took on a monochromatic look… aren’t those rocks amazing?

This isn’t my first time photographing this location, and while I do like to explore new places, I also really do enjoy returning to familiar scenes in different conditions and at different times of the year. One of my favorite photographs of this location was made late last winter when the pond was still frozen over, and as I made the image below, I couldn’t help but think about how this year’s fall foliage season is almost gone already, and that it won’t be long now before the already cold water will begin to once again ice over.


22 thoughts on “Who needs fall colors?

  1. The color here on the island seems very “location dependent”. My perception is a bit skewed as I’m used to Pennsylvania where everything turns (very little evergreen), I found some good color up around Cliffside Bridge and over by Hadlock, but it was so bright the day I was there (Saturday) that everything looks a bit washed out in my pics.

    • David Patterson

      Carol… thanks. I did see patches of color here and there, but in general, I think I must have missed most of the good stuff. Once it starts to fade, it goes pretty fast.

  2. I need fall colors!!!
    It has been some quiet days here without wind – and the colors are still away from the ground, tomorrow or Wednesday I will use an hour or two to shoot them πŸ˜‰
    Hope the wind will stay calm…

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