My stash has run out


It has been a long time since I have had a camera in my hand, so long in fact that I am literally out of material for the blog. After this post, I don’t have a single new image to share, so here’s a couple from my most recent photographic excursion. I made these on a wonderfully peaceful later afternoon jaunt to Marshall Point Lighthouse near Port Clyde in Maine. I’m accustomed to having a steady stream of photographs queued up for publishing regularly every 4 or 5 days, and that line usually extends out for maybe about a month. However, it has been about six weeks since I’ve laid my hand on the camera, so my “reserve” is totally spent. Hmmm… so where exactly did I leave that camera bag?


12 thoughts on “My stash has run out

  1. stuartatkinsphotography

    I know what you mean re your ‘stash’. Still, at least autumn (sorry, fall) has arrived… very jealous that you get the colours in Maine – over here in the UK you really have to go searching for them.

    • David Patterson

      Stuart… thanks for the comment. I do enjoy fall (autumn) in New England… the colors are amazing. Grew up in Ireland, so I know what you mean about having to search for the color… lot of fields and green grass in Ireland, not so many trees 🙂

  2. Inspired and pretty

    Wonderfully beautiful ! I really love the second photo. I missed your blog, I have so much post to catch up with 🙂
    I hope you find your camera bag soon 🙂 so that we can continue to admire your work. I have to send my camera away for repair, the button to switch lenses is broken. I really don’t like to be seperated from my camera, maybe I’ll experience some withdrawal symptoms ? 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Jocelyn… the second image in this post is kind of cliche, but I just had to do it. I admit to really liking symmetry 🙂

      Hope you get your camera back soon!

  3. I visited Marshall Point in June and I must give you credit for shooting the bottom photo in such a way as to seemingly increase the length of the dock. As far as not taking your camera out for awhile, I think it’s like any good habit, you just have to do it even when you don’t feel like it. The photos from that first day may all need to be deleted or a wonderful surprise can be awaiting.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Lynn… the wide angle lens can play tricks on the eye, and I definitely wanted to “accentuate” the walkway toward the light. Thanks also for the pep talk on getting out there with the camera – agreed, sometimes you just have to find the motivation to get out there, and I’m glad I did on this occasion.

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