Marshall Point Lighthouse


Can you imagine just chilling on the rocks at the ocean’s edge watching the sun go down on a view as pretty as this? As I have said many times, I feel quite fortunate to live in a state as beautiful as Maine, and it’s when I can slow down and enjoy a scene like this that I am most content. I have a couple more photographs to share from what was a very peaceful late afternoon spent here, but it wasn’t until the sun had gone down that I began to truly appreciate my surroundings. As the tide washed in around the lighthouse and jagged shore, I perched myself just out of its reach and watched as the day slowly and delicately gave way to the night.


13 thoughts on “Marshall Point Lighthouse

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Abe. I do usually love sunrises more than sunsets… something about how quiet it is as the days starts… but this one was actually of sunset!

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