The most photographed lighthouse in Maine


Standing sentinel over Casco Bay, and the most photographed lighthouse in Maine, Portland Head Light is one of those places where I don’t think it is possible to take a bad photograph. Instantly recognizable from any angle, the striking white pillar contrasts wonderfully with the rocky headland it protects against.

Though the conditions on this visit were vastly different from when I made one of my favorite photographs, I never get tired of seeing this picturesque and photogenic Maine landmark. We were spending a relaxing family weekend in the Portland area when we visited on this occasion, and as we wandered along the coastal path away from the lighthouse, we got a true appreciation of the reason why this magnificent beacon was created in the first place.

10 thoughts on “The most photographed lighthouse in Maine

  1. The fact that this lighthouse is popular to photograph makes it not less beautiful! And it is SO great to have these places where you can just come back again and again and photograph – and never get tired of it!

      • I traveled over to Petit Manan and Schoodic today. Around Hancock leaves were near peak. Even in Trenton they are nearing peak. However, once you get within five miles of Acadia, still lots of green. It IS changing on some of the ridges; so I’m thinking depending on the weather another week – 10 days to peak here. Hope this helps your planning.

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