Going solo…


Jack loves riding in a go-kart – so much so that lately he and I have been hitting the track at least once per week. Up until recently though, he has always had to ride along with his dad in one of the two-passenger karts that we both swear are heavier and slower than the singles.

I get a big kick out of flooring the accelerator as we scoot around the track, and although Jack seems to genuinely have a good time as co-pilot, I know he has wanted to drive by himself for a while. The minimum age to drive solo at our local track is ten, so you can imagine just how impatient this little eight year old has been getting.

Just the other day though, we decided to try a different track. As soon as we arrived, Jack scoured the landscape for that pesky sign which would say he had to be ten years old to drive solo. Hmmmm… no sign anywhere.

Before he got too excited though, I asked the kid running the track what age you had to be to drive by yourself. “No age limit”, he replied, but “you do have to be as tall as the white pole over by the entrance gate”.

Now… my kid has been growing like a weed all summer, and when he sprinted over to the pole and measured where he stood, his eyes got big and he had a huge smile from ear to ear. Vroom, vroom…


6 thoughts on “Going solo…

    • David Patterson

      Depends on who you’re asking. He “thinks” he beat me, but I’m claiming that I was just trying to boost his confidence 🙂

    • David Patterson

      He had a blast… from the moment he hit the gas pedal and spun out, until he “thinks” he beat me across the finish line 😉

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