Bass Harbor Lighthouse sunset


Bass Harbor Light in Acadia National Park – a neutral density filter and a long-ish exposure (6 seconds) made for a very peaceful sunset scene at my favorite lighthouse. I’ve photographed this lighthouse many times, and it never seems to get old. Though the sunset colors on this particular evening were quite nice, when I converted this scene to black and white I immediately found the photograph more interesting. When this photograph was made, the sun went down way off to the right and behind the lighthouse, though as we enter into the fall season, I’m looking forward to the end of this month when the sun will actually set in view from this spot. I’ll have to see about returning then, and who knows, maybe the pretty colors will trump my fascination with black and white?


18 thoughts on “Bass Harbor Lighthouse sunset

  1. Ed Spadoni

    Excellent image and treatment David. Although it’s at sunset, it has the feel of a foggy, early morning, very moody setting. Love it.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Ed… love this particular place. I visit here at least half a dozen times every year in different conditions, and it’s always a new experience for me.

  2. David, I love following your photographic explorations of the “what ifs.” I not only get to enjoy your beautiful photographs, I learn by following your thought processes as you follow ideas about black and white and night photography without fear of failure. Thank you for bringing us along!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. I find that most learning occurs when you get things wrong… or at least when you are trying to figure out something you aren’t so familiar with. The key is then to take what you have learned and apply it moving forward.

  3. This is beautiful. It’s chilly here, but sunny – I think I could tolerate the chill in the air more though if it looked like your photo. Some things just fit better with each other, you know?

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Dena. Still waiting for fall to arrive here. We’ve had a few cool mornings but nothing serious yet… it’s coming though.

  4. David, as an fyi, the lighthouse is being “refurbished”. I was there just last week and it has scaffolding and safety rigging all around the top. Not very photogenic right now. Not sure how long this project is scheduled to last.

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