I believe that it was late May when I last lugged my camera to the shore and saw the sun rise. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get up and take advantage of the pre-dawn light that I love, but lately I’ve been choosing to hit the snooze button rather than get up (really early) for first light. I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get my act in gear photographically, but whatever it is has conspired to send me into probably the most prolonged photo slump ever.

Even though I haven’t had my “real” camera out in a while, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making photographs though. Both Sam and Lori have iPhones, and as we travel around on our family adventures, I admit to hogging Lori’s phone (camera). Just recently I found the Instagram app, and although photographs rather heavily filtered and automatically cropped to square are frowned upon by many… I’m totally hooked. Excellent landscape photographer Nate Parker seems to agree with my sentiments about it not being such a bad thing, and I got a chuckle out of reading his recent post titled: “Why Hipstamatic and Instagram are totally awesome.”

I love having the iPhone camera with me all the time. I carry it everywhere I go… to places where in all likelihood I wouldn’t bother carrying my “real” camera. Having access to a camera at all times has me looking to make photographs pretty much constantly, and it also has me making photographs of subjects that I might not otherwise try to photograph. Some work, and some (many) don’t. I love experimenting with the canned filters in Instagram, and I also love how with one touch you can make subtle (and not so subtle) adjustments to colors, style and depth of field. Transforming boring photographs into something you might have expected from a toy camera 15 years ago, I find Instagrammed images to be fun, quirky and interesting (sometimes). Here’s a quick sample of some of my first Instagrammed photographs… and since I’m in a “real photo” slump of late, I’m just happy that it at least keeps me clicking the shutter.

*I’m off to spend the night in Acadia right after I hit the publish button on this post, and I’m determined to see the sun rise tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll finally have a new photograph to share…


22 thoughts on “Instagramming

  1. I love my iPhone. I don’t use Instagram, but do use Camera+ and Hipstamatic. As you say, it’s always with you and it’s a whole lot lighter than lugging gear around and downright fun. Sometimes simple fun is what one needs to get out of a slump.

    • David Patterson

      Lynn… I’m hooked on using the iPhone camera. I’m taking photographs of the most mundane things and then giving them a little instagramification in an attempt to make them interesting… can’t help it 🙂

  2. I am a beginner photographer and I found that my Samsung Galaxy Note is decent with photographs. I use it more than I thought I would particularly as a backup camera to my Canon G12. I like the pictures you posted and I enjoy your blog. I live outside of Maine most of the year for work, and your photographs remind me how lucky I am to have a home in the state.

    • David Patterson

      Drew… isn’t Maine a beautiful state? I too feel lucky to be able to call it home. Thanks for stopping by the blog and saying hello.

    • David Patterson

      Karen… you gotta love the fun you can have with the camera that is always with you and something like Instagram. I managed to get up this morning for the predawn light… am easing back into it 🙂

  3. Thanks for the idea of close up with my iphone (I tend to think distance). Sometimes I surprise myself with photographs that come from my phone. And thanks for “explaining” Instagram” for those of us who are less “hip”. I’ve just finished downloading the app. 🙂 Now get out of that funk!

    • David Patterson

      Carol… stayed at the new West Street Hotel last night and managed to get up and head down to Otter Cliffs for sunrise… yay! Light was nothing extraordinary, but it felt good to be standing on the edge of the ocean in the dark again 🙂

        • David Patterson

          Had breakfast at “Paddy’s” (the restaurant) and it was pretty good. That block was a mess before the hotel went up, and although I had reservations (pun intended) about what they were building there, I don’t think it turned out too bad at all. It probably eliminated the water view for a few locals, but inside it was actually very nice. Besides, we couldn’t get a camp site and this was the only place that had a room!

  4. Sometimes it’s rejuvenating to try new equipment. I love my iphone camera! Sometimes the shots aren’t what I’d hope they’d be, but I love playing in Snapseed and Toaster. Sometimes you don’t want to lug a lot of stuff! Maybe you should shoot sunsets or moonrise, you can sleep in. Just don’t stop shooting because your work is really fine!

  5. I don’t have an Iphone. But I think it’s important to do what you like – and take a brake if you feel like that.
    And to feel good about what you do – and not do!
    I hope you enjoy the summer and new experiences – and relax and get new energy – maybe to many new great photos later this year ….

  6. Inspired and pretty

    I love your Instagram photos David, my favourite is the lighthouse but they are all beautiful. I’m also hooked ! I LOVE Instagram !

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