A long little pond in Acadia


This isn’t my first post this summer from this little gem of place. You’ll find this picture postcard view tucked away on the right hand side of Route 3 while driving from Seal Harbor toward Northeast Harbor. Every time you round a bend on this road you find a new rocky cove to explore – Bracy Cove is directly behind me this time – but instead of enjoying the ocean view here, I usually tend to focus on the pond and the landscape looking back inland toward Penobscot Mountain.

There were signs of life everywhere, with small and even decent sized fish enjoying the warm shallow waters along the edge of the pond. As you can see, Jack found himself some wildlife to photograph, and it was cute seeing him try to get a cool picture of his new little friend. The water lillies were in full bloom, and the beach rose was as pretty and as fragrant as I have ever seen it here. As I have probably mentioned before… this is one of my favorite places to just relax and soak in the scenery.


30 thoughts on “A long little pond in Acadia

  1. Acadia is truly a magical place. These photos project such a sense of calm yet there are the other locations where you succeed in expressing its fierce, raw energy. I must put Acadia on my bucket list. I have friends who have been visiting every year for quite a while. Your shots make me see why.

    • David Patterson

      Agreed on Acadia being a magical place. There is an incredible amount of punch packed into a relatively small park… definitely well worth a visit 🙂

  2. The last photo is NICE! Well composed with those green plants in front of the reflecting landscape.
    A little pearl of a place you have here – I love such places myself – it’s SO nice to come back – and back – and………….

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Dena… there were tons of frogs all along the edge of the pond, and the fish were pretty active near the shore too.

  3. I didn’t know that frogs/toads really, really looked like that. I’ve only seen them that big in plastic! Great shot! Oh, the scenery is great too. I never knew Maine was so pretty.

  4. Those pictures should win an award. I can feel the happiness coming right off the screen. Beautiful. And your post reflected the same spirit. Sweet, calm, it seems so quiet and peaceful, looking at your little guy taking a picture of the frog. I’ve added Acadia to my must-visit list!

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Melissa. I love when Jack brings his camera and wants to take pictures. He gets so engrossed in it… cool to see.

      • I agree — it’s amazing to see just how the world looks to someone still so young. 🙂 Whenever I give my kids the camera I see a lot of pictures of my knees, the table top and all their toys. I guess that about sums up their world!

        • David Patterson

          They definitely have a different perspective! We gave Jack his own camera for his 5th birthday and he took to using it right away. It’s always fun to hit the “playback” button and look at his latest masterpieces 🙂

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