This little scene caught my eye one morning while out kayak paddling in Bass Harbor. The shore was in shade, though the early morning sun was trying to peek around the headland. The weathered old tree that had obviously seen some time in the ocean looked quite stark and cold against the warmer granite shoreline rocks. I think it was the earthy colors of this little land/sea scape that made me go click.


10 thoughts on “Driftwood

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… I love finding and touching that almost-silver, polished driftwood that has obviously been in the water for some time.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Josie. The sunlight was trying to reach around the headland, and although it was hitting some seaweed on the water and lighting it up, it hadn’t yet reached onto the shoreline.

  1. Nice capture – the tree is a natural sculpture in the beautiful surroundings.
    I’ve been away (in Tanzania) for some time and now I’m trying to be updated with my daily world (and blogging) – and a lot of photos!

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