Island Lupine


I had heard rumors of there being a field of lupine on Bar Island, so I was excited to explore and see if it really existed… and boy, does it ever! Within five minutes of crossing the bar and stepping onto the pristine island, we were walking through an absolutely stunning meadow overflowing with my favorite flowers. I love lupine, and these beauties were at their peak with glorious swathes of purple, white and pink everywhere. It was a hot day when we visited, so we appreciated the shade along most of the short walk to the overlook and back. Awesome experience, and an easy, interesting hike that I would definitely recommend… just remember to check the tidal charts so you don’t get stranded out there by the rising waters!


11 thoughts on “Island Lupine

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bill. I do love seeing Lupine. Maybe it has more to do with the fact that it signifies the true start of summer?

  1. My new book on wildflowers of America isn’t very specific with lupine, as far as the possibility of different varieties existing in different parts of the country. In my front yard in Oklahoma, I think I have lupine growing in some tallgrass but I’m not so sure. It’s awfully pretty, though.

    • David Patterson

      Yeah… I think it exists in many places under different names. Ours usually arrives in mid-June and is gone by the first week of July.

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