Boys at Bubble Rock


Sam is working as an intern for one of Maine’s US senators this summer, and that’s great because he’s living at home and can join in all of our family fun stuff! From a recent Patterson family camping weekend, these photographs show the beautiful views from the top of the South Bubble which lies between Jordan Pond and Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park.

As we hit July we are still waiting for summer to arrive… so far it has been rather cool and wet in these parts, but the overcast day and cooler than normal conditions on this particular day couldn’t stop our crew from having a great time! The South Bubble is where the famous glacial erratic – “Bubble Rock” – is located, and as you can see, both Jack and Sam had some fun posing for a photograph. Disclaimer: there is no way that these two could even remotely move this giant piece of rock… though I know it does look like it wouldn’t take much to start it rolling down the mountainside. I never get tired of the views from atop any of the Acadia mountains.


13 thoughts on “Boys at Bubble Rock

  1. I often wonder how many thousands of photographs are taken with people “trying to push” Bubble Rock off that mountain?! Looks like you had the whole place to yourself. BTW, summer IS here. Arrived this week-end, as you must surely know. 🙂 Of course anything over 70 degrees is too hot for me. Guess my next move will be to Greenland!

  2. The rock really looks like you could just tip it over the edge. We underestimate how much leverage and force it would really take to get it going…

    Working as a senate intern must be a great experience. That will change the way he views government for the rest of his life.

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