Light through a window


I adore this lighthouse. I hadn’t been here in a while for sunset, so on this visit I enjoyed becoming reacquainted with a favorite landscape in the waning light. This time of year the path of the setting sun takes it behind the headland, and as I approached the scene, I couldn’t help but notice the light streaming through the window of the lighthouse. There weren’t any dramatic clouds to be had on this occasion, but I liked how the smooth gradient in the sky simplified the scene. The family and I are getting ready for two weeks in a rental cottage right next door to this location, so there’s a good chance I’ll be re-visiting if the conditions seem especially interesting… stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Light through a window

  1. Your mention of the sun setting behind the headlands re-opens my psychic wound. Last week when packing for a trip to Key West I consciously decided not to pack my camera’s re-charging cord since I’d charged it the week before and taken no more than 4 pictures.
    Could you hear my screams form Florida when I took out the camera to find that it didn’t work? Key West has a sunset celebration each night as crowds form on the waterfront to watch the sun set over the water. I went faithfully each night and watched with envy and self-recrimination as everyone around me snapped photos endlessly. Ditto when I went to Ernest Hemingway’s home and watched everyone capture photos of the six-toed cats that live there.
    Add these missed photos to the delightful range of architecture and natural beauty I’ll never sift through and……..I have to stop or I’ll find myself reduced to tears.
    Yes, I’ve learned my lesson. Never assume. bring the cord!
    Have a wonderful vacation.

    • David Patterson

      Sorry about your mishap. I think we’ve all done what you did in one form or another at some point. Just recently I can remember forgetting to load a card into the camera for my son’s first soccer game… was definitely bummed about that. I’ve been on that same waterfront in Key West to witness the sunset, and it is quite a sight to behold. Although it must have been very frustrating to have forgotten the charging cord and not be able to make photographs, I hope you were able to enjoy “being there” in person. Key West is a hoot.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. Am looking forward to an extended visit to the island and not needing to get up quite so early for first light.

  2. What a tortuous place to “have” to spend the next two weeks. 🙂

    That’s a beautiful photo…and I do like the light coming through the window. I love this in B&W…how did the color look?

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