Finding a foreground


One of the most important elements of an interesting photograph is the foreground. A good foreground can add depth to any image, and it can help guide the viewer’s eye through the scene – I especially like how a wide angle lens can accentuate what you place in the foreground.

While the expansive views from the top of Cadillac toward Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay and the Porcupine Islands are certainly remarkable, opportunities to find interesting rock formations and native vegetation for inclusion as foreground elements in your photographs are everywhere. Lines and cracks and rocks of all sizes are just waiting to be included in your composition… you just have to be prepared to look down and arrange them in an interesting way.

The ecosystem on top of Cadillac is rather delicate though, so if you find yourself exploring the summit, please try to stay on the designated concrete trail that loops around the mountain. If you do step off the trail, make sure to remain on the giant, solid slabs of granite and avoid the fragile, easily eroded parts of the mountainside.

One of my favorite views, I especially liked the reflection of the clouds in Frenchman Bay, and don’t you just love those foreground rocks!

12 thoughts on “Finding a foreground

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Mark. I lied the scene – even in the middle of the day. I have a few images from up here at dawn coming up… very different light.

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