There’s a photograph to be found here…


One of my favorite places in Acadia National Park is this little glacial pond tucked in between Cadillac and Pemetic Mountains. I find the water of Bubble Pond to be incredibly tranquil and beautiful at any time of the day and in any season, but I especially love visiting here early on a spring morning. The new greens that surround this pond on the steep slopes of Pemetic and Cadillac are incredibly vibrant and lush at this time of year, and when that clear, sparkling water is still, the reflections are striking.

Large (and small) half-submerged rocks are scattered all along the northern shore of the pond, offering many opportunities for including interesting foreground compositional elements. The grouping of rocks in the photograph below has always intrigued me, and this isn’t the first time I have tried to include them in a composition. On this particular morning I arrived at about 5:30 a.m., and in addition to trying to find a photograph, I was more than happy to soak in the scene and simply appreciate the beauty that lay before me.

One of the most enjoyable parts of landscape photography for me is trying to arrange the elements of a scene into a harmonious and pleasing composition. I’ll move the camera right a little, left a little, up a little, down a little… toward the scene a little, away from the scene a little… making fine adjustments to what appears within the viewfinder – all in the name of finding a composition I like. At times I am more successful than others, and although I’m not convinced that I have been entirely successful at this location yet, I do know that there’s a photograph to be found here…


21 thoughts on “There’s a photograph to be found here…

    • David Patterson

      I did try composing horizontally but I thought that I lost the impact of the rocks. I did use a polarizer… I compromised between “seeing” through to the bottom and maintaining the reflections.

      • dalzellphoto

        Ah, I was just curious. I really like the photo as it is and wasn’t sure if it would work horizontally. I’ve never been to Maine, will definitely need to add it to the list.

        • David Patterson

          Thanks for the suggestion… I went back and looked at what I had photographed that morning and I did shoot this scene horizontally. There’s a tree just to the right of this scene and it kinda breaks up the flow of the composition.

    • David Patterson

      Good point… “The Bubbles” (rocky formation) that this pond is associated with are behind me from this vantage.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Bill. Don’t get me wrong… I like it, but I think the image being “split” in half throws me off a little.

  1. We have a family home near Arcadia, thus spend time in all seasons. It’s a ridiculously long drive from Northwestern Vermont, yet worth every hour of the drive to spend time in, and around, the park. Unfortunately, although the Park Service works diligently to make the park accessible, crutches do limit the photo ops.

    • David Patterson

      Michael… sorry to hear about the crutches. This is actually one scene that is likely accessible though… it’s a short walk down a gentle slope to the edge of the pond – another 20 yards to the left and you’re right here.

  2. David, you’re a brave man to get up early and take advantage of the fine early morning light. And the weather here is perfect. Maybe I should soon exert myself to get up early once in a while?!
    Many greetings from a B-human…..

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