Biography night


The 14th Street School has been hosting biography night for almost 20 years – twelve years ago Sam was Thomas Edison – and tonight it was Jack’s turn to continue the tradition. Every second grader chooses a famous person, researches their life, and then writes a brief biography. They memorize their story, dress up in costume, and the entire grade performs their biography on stage in front of the community. Can you say cute?

Jack chose to portray Neil Armstrong, and boy did he look the part! We borrowed an astronaut suit from a friend, and with his black boots, headphones w/mic, and a fresh buzz cut… he was ready to roll. There was lots of practicing over the past week, a few butterflies in the stomach before the event, and a hugely successful and enjoyable night. Jack even remembered to flip his “microphone” down when it was time to start his speech. We couldn’t be more proud of our little astronaut – thanks 14th Street School teachers!


14 thoughts on “Biography night

  1. What a great idea! My daughter was asked this past school year to portray Queen Latifah. Though we had a blast researching her (very interesting woman!), the kiddo was justifiably nervous about “looking” like her. Sometimes you just gotta accept that it won’t happen.

    • David Patterson

      Jack hadn’t had his hair cut for a full year until we buzzed him for biography night. He was looking very Bieber-like, and I think the new haircut definitely helped him get into character 🙂

  2. I bet he had a great time, and that was a really authentic costume. Good thing you took photos. You’ll be looking at those, and remembering when for the rest of your life.

    • David Patterson

      You’re right! His big brother was part of this event 12 years ago as thomas Edison, and we still talk about his “performance” from then.

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