I met a “real” photographer


Aaron at our first stop, Boulder Beach below Otter Cliffs

In all its glory, the Internet allows us to discover and communicate with people we would never before have had the chance to meet or get to know. Whether you’re browsing blogs, web sites, or internet discussion forums, there’s always ample opportunity to interact, appreciate and learn from other photographers. I have long admired the work of one such expert landscape photographer – Hawaii based Aaron Feinberg – so when he asked for advice about an upcoming visit to Maine, I offered to share some Acadia locations with him. Long story short… we ended up meeting in person, and I did my best tour guide impression as I whisked Aaron from location to location in America’s prettiest national park. Aaron has two galleries currently open in Hawaii, but as we drove, photographed and talked, he revealed that he actually has a third one in the works! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about photography, gear, and the business side of things, and I appreciate Aaron being so willing to share. An excellent photographer – and a genuinely nice guy – his work is bold and beautiful. So if you’ve ever wanted to see what Hawaii is all about, then check out some of his work.


10 thoughts on “I met a “real” photographer

  1. What a great experience, and what stunning work he does. Wow, just a few minutes of viewing his work and I was speechless.

    I love it when great artists are truly nice, real people too. It is the mark of a great person – when they are humble enough, real enough to relate to the rest of us like a regular guy/gal.

    • David Patterson

      Aaron does indeed do great work, and yes, he couldn’t have been nicer. Very down to earth and an all round good guy.

    • David Patterson

      That morning wasn’t the best, but the sun broke through later in the day. He also had a couple more days on his own in the park, so I’m hopeful he got something purty from our neck of the woods to bring back to Hawaii.

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