Springtime along the stream


After spending a wonderful morning at Sand Beach, I headed over to the rain-filled and bulging Jordan Pond Stream. I had visions of photographing the roaring rapids, but the bright sunlight reflecting on the water created blinding highlights making it just about impossible.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain water run from high to low so robustly in Acadia, and I know I haven’t ever seen the Jordan Pond Stream running so high. I wandered down the trail toward the Cobblestone Bridge, but the water was so high I couldn’t even walk on the opposite – and more picturesque – side of the stream.

So, instead of the original plan, I decided to play with some abstract ideas and try to take advantage of the rushing water and fresh, lush greens. And yes, despite my recent foray into the darkness of black and white, these are indeed color photographs 😉


8 thoughts on “Springtime along the stream

    • David Patterson

      Rick… thanks. That second one isn’t actually a reflection… it’s me moving the camera vertically while the shutter is open causing everything to intentionally blur. I do love the earthy colors.

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