May the fourth be with you…


Just me getting all artsy as I wander off into the woods. As regular readers might remember, I like this type of photograph where the camera is moved while the shutter is open, and trees make excellent subjects for this type of photograph. The in-camera movement renders the shapes, lines and elements of a scene in a different way every time, usually depending on the direction, speed and amount of movement.

I recently purchased a copy of Silver Efex 2 – software used to convert images to black and white – and I am like a kid in a candy store. Hope you don’t mind, but there might be a distinct lack of color around here for the next couple of posts. Don’t worry though, spring isn’t that far off here in Maine, and you know I won’t be able to resist those early, vibrant greens. Until then… as obi wan would say if he had a lisp… may the fourth be with you!


8 thoughts on “May the fourth be with you…

    • David Patterson

      We have some trees just starting to sprout new leaves, but many are still bare. The cherry tree in my back yard is about a week away from blossoming, and the ground is slowly starting to green up. Spring takes its sweet time getting to Maine, but when it does, there is no better place to spend the next six months or so.

      • You’re making me jealous. Nevertheless spring is here since the beginning of april, we have a shortage of sun and too much rain. Blossom just rained away.
        Only a couple of trees are just days away from sprouting.

  1. Looking forward to more black and white! I experimented with the monochrome setting on my camera yesterday and was intrigued by the result. What advantage does Silver Efex 2 give you?

    Maybe I live under a rock, but somehow this is the first year I’ve been aware of “May the forth… (& etc.).” I’ve heard it several times just recently (imagine, around May 4!), and it struck me as do most puns, which I think are the very pinnacle of humor (well, perhaps I do live under a rock).

    Thanks for the post.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Rick. That’s funny, because I too think that puns are the classiest and cleverest of all forms of humor. Maybe that’s why I used this one 🙂

      Silver Efex lets me easily make adjustments to those things that really matter in a black and white conversion. Things I might spend hours on in other photo editors trying to get the same effect with, Silver Efex is one or two clicks. Having said that, it isn’t the saving of time that draws me to it, but rather the impact on the image that I can get. I can’t duplicate in Photoshop what a photograph looks like after using Silver Efex. Lots of control, and easy to use.

      Apologies… but obviously I cannot put into words why I like using Silver Efex… I just do. The good news is that you can download and demo a fully working free 14 day trial, though if purchasing, other retailers have it for about $50 less than the publisher.

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