Man-made landscape


I recently headed north to Aroostook County for a work-related event, and on the way back home I slowly meandered through the local landscape looking for opportunities to break out the camera. I had been hoping to photograph the mighty and still snow-capped Mount Katahdin, but the gloomy weather and low clouds put an end to that idea.

Just outside the town of Millinocket, I stumbled on this old but still active structure bridging the Penobscot River. The track and bridge looked to be in decent shape, and as I straddled the lines to make this photograph, I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like if a working engine were to pass by.

The leading lines in this scene are obviously what caught my attention, and even at the time I pressed the shutter, I was eager to see how this one would appear in black and white.

6 thoughts on “Man-made landscape

  1. Funny. As I crossed the tracks today, I contemplated standing in the middle to get a shot–not as picturesques as this, though–but we have quite a bit of train traffic, so I might need to find a lazier line. 🙂

    • David Patterson

      I guess there’s something about railroad tracks like these that attracts us all. Stay safe as you search for yours!

      • JA Shanks

        I agree. I have several train tracks within a few miles of my house. Every time I cross over them, there is a part of me just dying to get out and take a few shots.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Scott. I admit to not even noticing those smaller rails while paying attention to the overall simple lines. Thanks for pointing them out!

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