Simplifying the scene…


5:17:33 a.m.

Simplifying the elements of a scene is always important, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate by providing the anticipated magical light, it becomes even more critical. Over my shoulder there was “almost” some nice first light, but a frontal system had stalled just offshore long enough to dull any chance of a dramatic sunrise. So, instead of warm pinks, yellows and reds lighting up those dappled overhead clouds, I had to settle for the deep pre-dawn blues of what was actually a cold, spring morning.

As soon as I arrived here, I knew immediately that I wanted to make the round boulders the star of this scene. In the second photograph I splayed the legs of my tripod out as far as I could and tried to get as close to the ground as possible. By doing so I was able to place greater emphasis on those beautiful smooth rocks which seemed to stretch forever. In both I liked how the classic Maine treeline and crescent shaped cove help to subtly frame the scene, and I don’t mind how the low-tide line and trees are silhouetted.

In the first photograph above, a longer exposure (80 seconds) added the effect of a little movement in the clouds (which I like), and in the second photograph we see a more traditional rendering of what were billowing and textured clouds. I think both of these are rather simple compositions… rocks, shoreline, trees and sky. I’d be curious about your thoughts on either of these compositions…

5:31:29 a.m.