Needing to breathe…


Needing to breathe, I headed to Acadia tonight. I feel quite melancholy about a recent loss and wanted some time to think and try to come to terms with things. As I arrived, my mood matched the dull grey clouds, and then the light unexpectedly turned nice. That made me smile.


49 thoughts on “Needing to breathe…

  1. Love that second shot, so beautiful. The lines of the clouds, the color of the sky and the stream in the foreground all point to the mountain in the background, making it a stunning focal point. Sorry to hear that you are going through the grieving process, it is hard work! The gleam of light on the horizon, surrounded by dark could be read as a metaphor for moving through grief, and echo your experiences that morning. I can understand why you would find solace in such a lovely place.

  2. Wow, these are really awesome! I would love to have been there to take it all in. I would agree that it does help to get out when you are facing something. I pray all is well with you.

  3. i love your second and third picture, and I do have an urge to ask you if its okay if I use it as my header in my blog. I can’t help it, its too pretty! 😦 But no, don’t worry, I won’t find you mean or i don’t know rude? and take it as a big deal if you say no [:

  4. Sometimes the outside world provides us with what people and conversation cannot, at least at the time. Beautiful photographs – so sorry you’re missing someone. Maybe that was them…in a way.

    • David Patterson

      “Sometimes the outside world provides us with what people and conversation cannot”

      Nice words… thanks, Dena. Couldn’t help but think that this sunset meant more.

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