Prospect Harbor Lighthouse


Originally constructed in 1850 out of granite, the Prospect Harbor Lighthouse was replaced in 1891 by the current 42 ft high wooden structure. Standing sentinel at the mouth of Prospect Harbor on the Gouldsboro Peninsula just east of Schoodic, this beautiful lighthouse both welcomes and warns local mariners. I had spent a wonderfully peaceful early morning exploring the rocky shoreline of Schoodic, and after finishing up there, I wandered further around the coast toward this little gem of a place. The ocean was calm, the sun was warm, and I think I found another place to return to with better light.


14 thoughts on “Prospect Harbor Lighthouse

  1. Chad

    This is a beautiful picture. I recently spent some time on the coast of Maine. Its amazing how picturesque everything is. While taking pictures of the Portland Head Lighthouse, I couldn’t seem to take a bad picture.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Chad. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful and picturesque coastline here in Maine. Love Portland Head Light… one of my favorites for sure.

  2. I have found that photographs that contain images of reflected light are generally superior to your ‘standard’ photograph. Your take on that lighthouse is a perfect example.

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