Moving pictures…


While any photograph is certainly capable of telling a compelling story, it can be quite a challenge to try and capture the essence of the landscape in a single frame. As the sights, smells, and sounds of the world go on around us, attempting to freeze that critical moment in time as one still image can be a formidable exercise. Sometimes moving pictures can bring more life to a scene, with the combination of movement and noise providing a different sense of place, so here – for a slight change of pace – are a few short video clips I grabbed from a recent trip to Acadia National Park.

The rhythmic sound of the powerful crashing waves is music to my ears, and if you listen carefully during the last scene, you will hear what I consider to be a very special sound… the famous round rocks on Boulder Beach knocking together as they get jostled and shaped by the incoming and outgoing Atlantic waves.

Don’t forget to crank up the volume 🙂


6 thoughts on “Moving pictures…

  1. David,
    I really enjoyed that. The video helps me now to understand all the white foam–which I called cotten candy. I think when you have seen the real thing you can better visualize the pictures and it actually gives some life to them.

    • David Patterson

      Stephen… glad you enjoyed the mini-movie. The surf was pretty decent on that particular morning, so there was lots of “cotton candy” to be had 🙂

  2. Carol Ann

    I’ve been to Maine many times, but have only been to Acadia once. It was absolutely beautiful, as most of Maine is! Loved the video!

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