Scouting in Schoodic


After spending a wonderful early morning near the main parking lot area of Schoodic, fellow photographer Chad Tracey and I decided to extend the morning and do some location scouting for future photo expeditions. We found some big rocks and some little rocks, and as we rounded every headland, strikingly beautiful coves lay waiting to be discovered, with each rocky beach seemingly better than the next.

Although part of Acadia National Park, Schoodic lies across Frenchman Bay from Mount Desert Island, and as such, it receives much less traffic, and could even be considered unspoiled. I love that part of the park which lies within the boundaries of Mount Desert Island, but I have to admit, spending a little time over at Schoodic definitely opened my eyes to the potential for landscape photography. Anyhoo… here’s a quick snap from one of the headlands – I can’t wait to return and get down into those secluded and spectacular Schoodic coves.


9 thoughts on “Scouting in Schoodic

  1. wanderingseniors

    That picture is prettier than any postcard or calendar! Good job.

    I see on the side bar that you’re a kiva person… me too. 🙂 We’ve done only 2 loans so far, but we just joined a couple of weeks ago.

    • David Patterson

      Thank you. Yeah… I’ve been loaning on Kiva for a couple of years now. Love being able to make a difference 🙂

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