Schoodic Penninsula, Acadia National Park


There’s more to Acadia than Mount Desert Island, and this past weekend I had an opportunity to explore a much less traveled part of the park, Schoodic Penninsula. Schoodic lies across Frenchman Bay from MDI, and for those interested in a markedly quieter – but still strikingly beautiful – experience in the easternmost national park, then this is the place for you. Big rocks, big waves and an exposed, windblown landscape… what’s not to like? Although there might be a little bit of wide-angle distortion going on in the upper left corner of the frame above, those trees really were leaning backwards like that having been shaped by the elements for years.

I hadn’t ever been to Schoodic for sunrise, so this was very much an exploratory mission. With no real plan in place other than to head to the main parking lot and then delve into the fantastically rugged shoreline, I fairly quickly stumbled on this rain-filled pool which had a thin sheen of ice on it. The sun had yet to rise to the east, but I was immediately drawn to the sky being reflected in the pool, the irregular shape of the water, and that familiar cloudless, colorful gradient in the sky which made for a wonderful backdrop.