A fleeting moment…


Even though the dawn didn’t cooperate by providing epic light, there was a brief and fleeting moment about half an hour after sunrise where the sun broke through the clouds and bathed the landscape in a warm and pleasant colors. Long after the earlier pink hues had disappeared, it actually looked as if the rest of the morning might be a bust, but then all of a sudden we were treated to this scene. This warm light bursting out from behind the clouds literally lasted for about two minutes before the sun once again disappeared out of sight. Luckily I was still set up and prepared for the possibility that we might get a brief glimpse of some nice light… and after I made this photograph we never saw the sun again… in fact, when we moved on to check out the ice-covered Jordan Pond it rained a cold and heavy rain, and that put an end to the morning shoot.


18 thoughts on “A fleeting moment…

    • David Patterson

      Claude… thanks. The warm light only lasted a couple of minutes before we got socked in with clouds for the morning.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the heads up. I figure that ads (when not logged in to WP) are a small price to pay for the awesome free service. If I ever get serious about this Interweb thing I would of course make sure that there were no ads.

      • Same here. But I did not know, that they placed the adverts on my blog before she told me. And I believe, that they should tell us – or at least show us these, also when we are logged in and look at our own blog….

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