Two for the price of one…


* My last post from what was a glorious morning spent photographing this lighthouse.

Portland Head Light is a magnificent sight, especially when waves are crashing all around it or when the clouds from a clearing storm are rushing by. There’s a reason why we see it included in so many lighthouse calendars and on so many picture postcards… it is very striking indeed. However, anyone who visits here probably can’t help but notice the “other” lighthouse off in the distance. Though it seems like a tiny speck in comparison, the 77 ft tall Ram Island Ledge Light is quite impressive in its own right. Built from granite that was quarried locally from the island of Vinalhaven, it was first lit in 1905, and it was then converted to solar power in 2001. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is accessible only by boat, and since I don’t have a lens long enough to truly reach out to it, I am always intrigued by its existence.

20 thoughts on “Two for the price of one…

  1. I love seeing the cotten candy, or the heavenly manna sort of floating on the rocks. I would love seeing it in person. It’s also kind of eerie or goastly.

    • David Patterson

      Stephen… thanks. You’re talking about the misty effect on the water, right? It is pretty neat, though you know that no-one actually sees that – it’s there only because the camera records the movement that way.

  2. Lighthouses have a great appeal and I will be photographing a few over the next few years with any luck.
    The photo of the one with mostly stones in the foreground is superb.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. I love lighthouses too, and luckily for me, I live in Maine where there are many, many spectacular ones to visit and photograph.

      • Feck! Maybe I should get over there for a trip. My brother over in RI assumes I’m heading that way soon but I hadn’t really given it much consideration. Perhaps I should do.

        • David Patterson

          For someone from Ireland, most of New England makes for a good place to visit. The locals speak the same language, the climate (other than the winter) is much nicer, and it isn’t that much different from back home. Well worth a visit!

  3. Skip

    Nice photos, especially the last. Have you tried converting it to B+W? You might actually have three for the price of one. Out past Ram Island Light is another lighthouse, Halfway Rock Lighthouse. I had heard of it, but I didn’t really know where it was until one day when I was processing a photo of Ram Island and there it was on the horizon. On a very clear day it’s just barely visible. Check out your last photo. Zoom in to the right of Ram Island and you may see it.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Skip… I wasn’t aware of that one. Will have to look for it. Doesn’t surprise me really though… there are so many lighthouses up and down the coast of Maine.

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