Our budding little photographer


Please excuse the winter boots and basketball shorts fashion combo… unseasonably warm temperatures combined with melting snow and ice created conditions where the kid was just happy to be able to wear shorts again! Last Sunday afternoon we went exploring locally – it felt just like when I was growing up and my dad would take us for a Sunday drive – after brainstorming some possible locations, we decided to check out Field’s Pond Nature Center in Orrington.

Jack brought his camera with him and he seemed to really enjoy “making pictures” throughout the hike. As we walked and talked, I shared a few basic tips with him… and it was pretty cool to see him listen, learn, and put his new knowledge into practice. Keeping the camera steady, making sure lines that are supposed to be straight are straight, adding something interesting in the foreground – just a few of the ideas he embraced and tried to implement. I got a big kick out of one time especially when he came running over to show me his latest photograph… “Look, look.” he said. “I moved the camera like you do. Come see my photograph!” Below are a few of his masterpieces, and it was neat to see that he didn’t just snap away aimlessly, instead you could almost “see” his little brain cooking up ideas and compositions.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger version and see the rest of the gallery of awesome Jack photographs.


16 thoughts on “Our budding little photographer

  1. What a sweet an innocent photo of your little boy in the boots taking a picture — you can almost feel his concentration.

    As he grows, I bet it will be interesting to compare your pictures and his on the same subjects. We all see things a little differently than each other, and the parts we choose to focus on tell a lot about what we’re thinking.

    • David Patterson

      Melissa… thanks for stopping by and for the thoughtful comment. I love that Jack likes to use his camera, and I also love that he enjoys such a creative outlet. The perspective of a 7 year-old is definitely going to be different, and I look forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. Bob

    Dear David and Jack. Thank you for sharing your photos. When we come to visit I would like you to show me the Nature Center. I clicked on your pictures. WOW Jack, really good!

  3. Bob

    I see that Granny is really impressed. So am I. Your photos are beautiful. Isn’t hiking in the woods great fun?

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