The power of the ocean


I’m sharing the last of the photographs made on a short trip to Acadia on the first Sunday in March… finally you say! Daylight savings time is upon us, and as the clocks spring forward, early morning starts in search of nice light get a little more bearable – at least for a while until the days stretch longer again – and I do have plans in place to visit a few locations I haven’t been to before.

I can’t seem to help myself, even when I make plans to explore other areas of the Loop Road, I invariably end up back at my favorite place… Otter Cliffs. The place seems to draw me to it, and on this particular morning as I soaked in the fairly frisky high tide, I couldn’t help but remember when Hurricane Bill brushed the coast here back in August of 2009. I can still recall the shock and almost fear I felt that afternoon as huge waves violently reshaped this rocky beach right before my eyes.

Relatively calm today though, I noticed how the rocks had again been moved around since the last time I visited, no doubt as the result of a recent winter storm. Seeing the power needed to redesign a seemingly permanent iconic landscape such as this gives you a more humble sense of place within nature… an awareness I think we all should have. As you can see, I’m still on my black and white kick, and this scene seemed like a worthy candidate for my continued creative expression.

Oh what the hey… here’s the color version too 🙂