Saving grace…


Despite a pretty nice sunrise on Sunday morning, the light quickly deteriorated as I wandered along the Loop Road looking for interesting compositions. A solid bank of cloud literally and weirdly split the sky in half, with of course everything I wanted to photograph over on the side with the clouds! The one saving grace was that high tide was scheduled at the same time, so rather than feeling too disappointed, I started paying attention to the decent sized waves crashing on shore.

My final stop on this particular morning is one of my favorite places on earth… Boulder Beach in the shadow of Otter Cliffs. Although it might not look like it, walking on these rocks was absolutely treacherous. At other times of the year I’m used to dealing with slick, algae covered round rocks here at low tide… rocks that will snap an ankle with ease if you’re not careful. On this occasion though, even the rocks furthest away from the shoreline were wet and covered in a thin sheen of ice, so I was especially careful as I wandered around looking for something to photograph. I like these “head-on” type photographs… there’s something about the straight lines and order in the composition that floats my slightly OCD boat.

It was 8:03 a.m. by the time I made this final photograph of the morning, and by then a layer of higher clouds was softly filtering the sun as it tried valiantly to make an appearance. Although I intentionally chose a shutter speed which I hoped would render the surf something like this, I have to admit that the light shining through the breaking wave far surpassed my expectations. In an attempt to capture a wave crashing perpendicular to the shore thereby maintaining the straight lines in the frame, I must have made 25-30 exposures. Although perhaps a little simple compositionally, and with somewhat muted colors, I like how the famous and now indigenous round rocks make for a fairly striking and contrasting pattern in the foreground.


17 thoughts on “Saving grace…

  1. Beautiful shot, David. I’m glad you didn’t pack it all up when the clouds stopped cooperating with your plans. And here you are with another portrait shot, too. I think it probably fits better with your intentional lines than the typical horizontal landscape shot would. Very nice. I would congratulate and toast you with a freshly opened Mountain Dew to keep everything in context if I could. Thank you, Sir. 🙂

    • David Patterson

      Thanks Carol. Daylight savings will definitely provide a brief respite to the early morning starts, but it won’t be long before we get back into those brutally early Maine summer sunrises… I’ve been out there way before 5:00 a.m. 🙂

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