Touch it and feel it…


Actually… I wouldn’t advise that you touch and feel prints, not unless you want to get smudgy fingerprints all over them! While viewing photographs on-screen in a computer slideshow or on a web site can be impressive, there’s definitely something about physically holding a print in your hands that just can’t be beat. It’s similar to that comforting feeling of turning the page in an old-fashioned paper book, even though I do enjoy reading on my iPad. By the way, if you do get smudges on your print (like I always do), you should be able to simply “polish” them gently away with a piece of soft cotton.

In reality, I don’t get that many images printed, so when I do, I always get excited for when they arrive. I have had my adventures, or should I say misadventures, with printing, mounting and framing photographs, so these days I take a rather lazy route… but one that I can be fairly sure will be successful. It’s simple actually… I let the experts do the printing and mounting, and I buy off-the-shelf frames that I think will show the prints well. To this point I just haven’t uncovered the desire to print, mount, cut mats and make frames myself.

Known as “The Dark Hedges” – this is a scene from back home in Ireland where a magnificent row of 300 year old beech trees rather spectacularly line and frame a local roadway. I love how the trees reach high above the road to become tangled as an overhead canopy, and the side-lighting from the overcast day added a nice layer of depth to the landscape. I have wanted a print of this photograph for some time, and just this week I finally took the time to get it done. I used a California based company who accepts online orders – Aspen Creek Photo – and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the print (and the whole ordering process). It was printed on Fuji Pearl paper, a metallic paper that renders the scene almost 3D-like, and this time for reasons of stability, I also chose to pay a little more and have it professionally mounted on 3/16″ Gatorfoam.

Just for fun… here’s the un-framed image below, and for those following my travails with selecting a new WordPress theme, this is still the same one (Nuntius) that I have been using for a while. I’m having a hard time deciding on a new theme, so to buy myself some time, I made a few tweaks to the color scheme. Simple, and hopefully sharp.

If interested in purchasing prints from this location, visit my online gallery at:

25 thoughts on “Touch it and feel it…

  1. That is great scenery to work with. Where in Ireland?

    I, like you, don’t print many pictures anymore. It’s such a rare purchase that the last time I did, I spent about a month agonizing over which image to print, and in what sizes. And I now have four new empty frames I need to fill. Oh dear.

  2. Fantastic shot. I just had my first photos printed for framing and I was thoroughly disappointed in the quality. Where do you get your photo printing done? Yours looks faithful to the original image.

  3. What a great photo! Nice job, it actually does have a lot of depth. I love old trees! We got to visit the Redwoods in CA last Summer and I fell in love with them so much I didn’t want to leave. I would love to drive through these. Thanks for taking us there.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks. We got to see the Redwoods and Sequoias in California a couple of years ago – they were quite a sight and incredibly impressive!

  4. That photo from Armoy:
    Great, fantastic, amazing, magical, gorgeous, beautiful, awesome – the comments above are difficult to add anything new to – they speak their own distinct and clear language – which I can only repeat!

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