A fresh lick of paint


I love the variety of themes available on WordPress. It is so easy to personalize your blog, and you can have a complete site redesign all within just a couple of clicks of the mouse. It was only last October that I switched to this current theme, Nuntius. I like many aspects of what it offers, and when I activated it last fall I thought I had matched the colors of the custom header with the rest of the theme. The header was just supposed to be temporary, but here we are some four months later, and I never did get around to creating something more interesting. I work almost exclusively on a MacBook Pro laptop, and on that screen I’ve always thought that the shades of red matched properly. It’s only now as I’m visiting granny and grandpa and viewing the site on a different computer that I’m embarrassed to notice that the reds aren’t even close :{

Cue a new look… within the next few days I will probably be switching themes (again), but before I do, I will be taking a hard look at the range of options. I love the font on the Nuntius theme, but for displaying photographs, the lighter background isn’t necessarily the best. Maybe I will choose a theme with a darker background this time around… one that makes color photographs “pop” a little more? Anyone have a suggestion?

Here’s a screenshot of my failed custom header. Yikes… I can’t believe I thought those reds matched! Stay tuned for a fresh lick of paint… and if I use a custom header in my new theme, I’ll make sure to match the colors correctly this time.


10 thoughts on “A fresh lick of paint

  1. I’m new to blogging and before I started mine I looked at an awful lot of options, and tried out quite a few. I’d have one suggestion – a plea, actually – that if you go for a dark background, you choose a theme where the text isn’t bright white against black, as it is really hard on the eyes and after reading a paragraph or more, you start to get really tired and you get strange visual effects, white lines in your vision when you look away. There must be a word for it but I don’t know it. I use Vostok by the way. It’s very clean and simple.

    • David Patterson

      Thanks for the suggestion… I’ve always been wary of white text on a black background for the very reasons you described.

  2. Hi David
    I am currently using Coraline, which gives you the option of light or dark background (which you can further customize with an image). It also allows you to set up photo galleries, something I haven’t tried yet. It is supposed to be aimed at photographers and artists …
    Finding a theme is so tricky, so many different options to consider and weigh. You never quite find the perfect one. BTW I have a macbook pro also, so your old one looked fine to me.
    Have fun finding a new one!

  3. I use Mystique. I liked that it was simple to set up (too many options was overwhelming to me as a new blogger). I liked the color combinations available, since I knew many of my posts would be about nature, I wanted colors that created that vibe of sea and sky.
    BTW, I didn’t think your REDS were THAT horrible, I guess we just all learned what a perfectionist you are!

    • David Patterson

      Carol… thanks. I have looked at Mystique and actually use it for another work-related site. I like it a lot… thanks for the suggestion, and yes… attention to detail is an affliction sometimes 😉

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