In the light of day…


On our way back home from New York today, it just happened to be around lunchtime as we crossed over the Piscataqua River from New Hampshire into Maine, so we stopped in York for sandwiches from a local deli. When I sheepishly suggested that we enjoy the unseasonably warm weather and have ourselves a picnic at the lighthouse… I was thrilled when both Lori and Jack were in total agreement – they are so patient with me and my camera! I know I said no more photographs from this location, but before I do a refresh of the blog, I wanted to share a couple more from our brief return visit today. Besides, in most of the photographs from my last visit, all you could see was the silhouette of the lighthouse!

On my previous visit I had arrived before dawn, but because we were in a hurry to continue our journey on to New York, I only stayed until about 20 minutes after sunrise. The light was obviously very different then, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring a darkened landscape which was somewhat unfamiliar to me. This afternoon though, as the bright sunlight played hide-and-seek from behind the clouds, I was obviously able to recognize much of the terrain. My previous sunrise visit had coincided with high tide, and what do you know… it was high tide again when we arrived this afternoon. If anything though, today’s tide was even higher, actually making it impossible for me to get to some of the ledges and rocks I had used as shooting locations on my last visit.

We all know that the softer light of the early morning or late afternoon often makes for more dramatic landscape photographs, and truth be told, I live for the peacefulness and solitude that you can experience at these times… but there’s no rule that says you can’t shoot in the middle of the day, especially if the conditions are just right. Blue skies with puffy clouds, high tide breaking fiercely over a rugged coastline, and a striking subject that is pretty much one-of-a-kind… I’d say the conditions were just right!


A fresh lick of paint


I love the variety of themes available on WordPress. It is so easy to personalize your blog, and you can have a complete site redesign all within just a couple of clicks of the mouse. It was only last October that I switched to this current theme, Nuntius. I like many aspects of what it offers, and when I activated it last fall I thought I had matched the colors of the custom header with the rest of the theme. The header was just supposed to be temporary, but here we are some four months later, and I never did get around to creating something more interesting. I work almost exclusively on a MacBook Pro laptop, and on that screen I’ve always thought that the shades of red matched properly. It’s only now as I’m visiting granny and grandpa and viewing the site on a different computer that I’m embarrassed to notice that the reds aren’t even close :{

Cue a new look… within the next few days I will probably be switching themes (again), but before I do, I will be taking a hard look at the range of options. I love the font on the Nuntius theme, but for displaying photographs, the lighter background isn’t necessarily the best. Maybe I will choose a theme with a darker background this time around… one that makes color photographs “pop” a little more? Anyone have a suggestion?

Here’s a screenshot of my failed custom header. Yikes… I can’t believe I thought those reds matched! Stay tuned for a fresh lick of paint… and if I use a custom header in my new theme, I’ll make sure to match the colors correctly this time.